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Who is Timo K?

Full Name: Timo Kissing
Born: 1978
Living near Stuttgart, Germany
Studying 'Medieninformatik' (Media Computer Science)
Author and maintainer of several websites, you can find an overview and more information about me at

I enjoy PHP-Coding a lot, so participating on Wikka is 'the natural thing' to do.
I am thinking about a german translation of Wikka, but that won't happen to soon.

Wikka Contributions

Working already

Bingo card generating
See BingoActionInfo

In planning or pre-alpha-stadium

Wikipedia aniversary pages linking
I will release an action soon that provides easy linking to wikipedias 'anniversary'-pages (like in different languages.
A first preview can be found at my wikka.
I have put this on ice for now, I will continue working on it after my exams (middle of july)
I am already using the phpBB-userdatabase in one of my wikka-installations. I want a better integration tho, with one combined admin interface, simple linking between both systems (aka usage of wikkinames on the messageboard and easy, interwiki-like linking to threads on the wikka in a way so wikka recognizes those links as internal) and shared usergroups, categories and ACLs between both systems.
If anyone has done something like this already, please let me know. If you haven't, but you are interested in doing so, let me know too. I will soon set up a test-host just for this purpose, where you can view the progress.
Google Sitemap Support
Google Sitemaps are an improved way of telling google what it can find at your site, when the last update was and which pages are likely to be updated soon again. Since it uses a simple xml file and a ping-mechanism it should not be too difficult to include this into wikka. I will start working on this before the end of june.

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