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===== Under Development =====

>>**See also:**
~-WikkaSVN - getting the latest code changes
~-CodeContributions — extensions contributed by Wikka users
This page lists all the code contributions and development pages by the [[CreditsPage Development Team]] that are likely to appear in future [[Docs:WikkaReleaseNotes releases]]. You can test the code following the instructions given on the development page.

~-Features [[WikkaBetaFeatures installed on this server]] for testing are marked with an icon: {{beta}}.
~-Features uploaded to the SVN repository are marked with the following icon: {{svn}}

**Table of contents**
<li><a href="">Core and architecture</li>
<li><a href="">Page-related</li>
<li><a href="">User-related</li>
<li><a href="">Security and spam fighting</li>
<li><a href="">Formatting and rendering</li>
<li><a href="">Layout and stylesheets</li>

==== Core and architecture====

=={{beta}} Single quotes for action parameters==
A small change to the ##Action()## method in ##wikka.php## so that action parameters are recognized enclosed in either single or double quotes. --- __Development:__ ActionParsQuoting

=={{beta}} Advanced ""FormOpen()""==
Enhanced ##""FormOpen()""## method in ##wikka.php## supporting all types of forms, and using **##""makeId()""##** to generate a unique id for a form.
__Development:__ AdvancedFormOpen, GenerateUniqueId

=={{beta}} Counting Records==
A single method to use for all those cases where Wkka needs to count a number of records.
__Development:__ WikkaCountingRecords

=={{beta}} Formatting Usernames==
A core utility to format usernames and link to userpages only when needed.
__Development:__ FormatUserMethod


=={{beta}} Paged comments==
Displays footer comments on more pages. The number of comments per page can be set from UserSettings.
__Development:__ PagedComments
__Test:__ Click on the "display comments" link in the footer of a page containing several comments.

=={{beta}} Advanced Category action==
Supports many different output formats and a new 'related pages' feature - installed as an ""<span style="color:#CC0000">alpha</span>"" feature.
__Development:__ AdvancedCategoryAction, ArrayToList, ArrayToColumns; see also CompatibilityCode and GenerateUniqueId
__Test:__ Use ""{{<span style="color:#CC0000">category2</span>}}"" with the new parameters on any page; sample on WikkaBetaFeatures

=={{beta}} Menulets==
Mini-actions to be used as menu items (or as stand-alone plugins). (Most, but not all, implemented as a beta feature.)
__Development & test:__ WikkaMenulets

Allows to edit and modify Wikka menus.
__Development:__ WikkaMenus

=={{beta}} Backlinks handler==
Display internal links to the current page.
__Development:__ BacklinksHandler
__Test:__ Append ##/backlinks## to the URL of a page

=={{beta}} Advanced Backlinks action==
Advanced ##backlinks## action with support for different output formats - installed as an ""<span style="color:#CC0000">alpha</span>"" feature; the original backlinks action is unchanged for now.
__Development:__ AdvancedBacklinksAction, ArrayToList, ArrayToColumns
__Test__ Use ""{{<span style="color:#CC0000">backlinks2</span>}}"" with the new parameters on any page

=={{beta}} Grab code handler==
Downloads code snippets from code blocks added to Wikka pages
__Development:__ GrabCodeHandler
__Test:__ Click on the #%grab#% button at the bottom of a code block

==Fetch remote action==
Connects to a distant Wikka server, fetch remote pages, and display them locally.
__Development:__ IncludeRemote

==Extended Table Action==
A more flexible table action with advanced features that makes it easier to maintain larger data tables.
__Development:__ TableAction

=={{beta}} Info handler==
Display information and statistics on the current page.
__Development:__ InfoHandler
__Test:__ Append ##/info## to the URL of a page

== action ==
A simple action to display a //bookmark this page// link. It can be used as a stand-alone action in the page body or as a [[WikkaMenulets menulet]].
__Development:__ DeliciousAction

<<See also UserAccountModules<<

=={{beta}} Register action==
An action for user registration distinct from the current (##usersettings##).
__Development:__ RegisterAction
__Test:__ RegisterActionTest

=={{beta}} Login redirection==
Registered users are automatically redirected on their first login to a page specified in the config file (on this server: WelcomeRegisteredUser).
__Development:__ RedirectOnLogin

<<See also AdminModules<<

=={{beta}} User Administration==
Module for managing registered users.
__Development:__ UserAdmin
__Test:__ [admin-only] UserAdminTest

=={{beta}} Page Administration==
Module for managing pages
__Test:__ [admin-only] PageAdminTest
__Development:__ PageAdminAction

=={{beta}} System==
Displays information about the system Wikka is running on.
__Development:__ WikkaMenulets
__Test:__ SysInfo

=={{beta}} Advanced referrer handling==
New, advanced referrers handling with searching and filtering as well as an accessible form and results table (and more secure as well).
__Development:__ AdvancedReferrersHandler
__Test:__ Append ##/referrers## to any page. (Only registered users can view and filter lists, only admins can blacklist domains or remove them from the blacklist.)

====Security and spam fighting====
<<See also SecurityModules<<

=={{beta}} Advanced referrer blacklisting==
Adds searching and filtering functionality to referrers blacklisting.
__Development:__ AdvancedReferrersHandler
__Test:__ Append ##/referrers## to any page. (Only registered users can view and filter lists, only admins can blacklist domains or remove them from the blacklist.)

==Bad Behavior==
Integrates the 3rd party BadBehavior package to prevents spambots from accessing your site by analyzing their actual HTTP requests and comparing them to profiles from known spambots.
__Development:__ BadBehavior

====Formatting and rendering====

=={{beta}} Improved formatter==
New formatter code with many improved and advanced features.
__Development:__ ImprovedFormatter. (See also: AdvancedFormatter and GenerateUniqueId)

==Smart typographic punctuation==
Integrates the 3rd party SmartyPants engine to render typographically correct punctuation.
__Development:__ SmartyPants

Automatically parses the page for known acronyms and renders them as styled <acronym> elements with titles.
__Development:__ AcronymFormatter

==Link tails==
Appends icons to links depending on the kind of method/link.
__Development:__ LinkTails

====Layout and stylesheets====
<<See also UserAccountModules<<

=={{beta}} Skins==
Allows users to //select//, //create//, //edit// and //modify// their own [[Docs:WikkaSkins custom CSS stylesheet]].
__Development:__ MySkin, WikkaSkinSelector, WikkaSkinEditor
__Test:__ TestSkin

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