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This page lists all the code contributions and development pages by the CreditsPage Development Team that are likely to appear in future releases. You can test the code following the instructions given on the development page.


Table of contents
  1. Core and architecture
  2. Page-related
  3. User-related
  4. Security and spam fighting
  5. Formatting and rendering
  6. Layout and stylesheets

Core and architecture

Unknown action ""beta"" Single quotes for action parameters
A small change to the Action() method in wikka.php so that action parameters are recognized enclosed in either single or double quotes.
Development: ActionParsQuoting

Unknown action ""beta"" Advanced FormOpen()
Enhanced FormOpen() method in wikka.php supporting all types of forms, and using makeId() to generate a unique id for a form.
Development: AdvancedFormOpen, GenerateUniqueId

Unknown action ""beta"" Counting Records
A single method to use for all those cases where Wkka needs to count a number of records.
Development: WikkaCountingRecords

Unknown action ""beta"" Formatting Usernames
A core utility to format usernames and link to userpages only when needed.
Development: FormatUserMethod

Unknown action ""beta"" Paged comments
Displays footer comments on more pages. The number of comments per page can be set from UserSettings.
Development: PagedComments
Test: Click on the "display comments" link in the footer of a page containing several comments.

Unknown action ""beta"" Advanced Category action
Supports many different output formats and a new 'related pages' feature - installed as an alpha feature.
Development: AdvancedCategoryAction, ArrayToList, ArrayToColumns; see also CompatibilityCode and GenerateUniqueId
Test: Use {{category2}} with the new parameters on any page; sample on WikkaBetaFeatures

Unknown action ""beta"" Menulets
Mini-actions to be used as menu items (or as stand-alone plugins). (Most, but not all, implemented as a beta feature.)
Development & test: WikkaMenulets

Allows to edit and modify Wikka menus.
Development: WikkaMenus

Display internal links to the current page.
Development: BacklinksHandler
Test: Append /backlinks to the URL of a page
Unknown action ""svn""

Advanced backlinks action with support for different output formats - installed as an alpha feature; the original backlinks action is unchanged for now.
Development: AdvancedBacklinksAction, ArrayToList, ArrayToColumns
Test Use {{backlinks2}} with the new parameters on any page

Unknown action ""beta"" Grab code handler
Downloads code snippets from code blocks added to Wikka pages
Development: GrabCodeHandler
Test: Click on the grab button at the bottom of a code block

Fetch remote action
Connects to a distant Wikka server, fetch remote pages, and display them locally.
Development: IncludeRemote

Extended Table Action
A more flexible table action with advanced features that makes it easier to maintain larger data tables.
Development: TableAction

Unknown action ""beta"" Info handler
Display information and statistics on the current page.
Development: InfoHandler
Test: Append /info to the URL of a page

Del.icio.us action
A simple action to display a bookmark this page link. It can be used as a stand-alone action in the page body or as a WikkaMenulets menulet.
Development: DeliciousAction

Unknown action ""beta"" Register action
An action for user registration distinct from the current (usersettings).
Development: RegisterAction
Test: RegisterActionTest

Unknown action ""beta"" Login redirection
Registered users are automatically redirected on their first login to a page specified in the config file (on this server: WelcomeRegisteredUser).
Development: RedirectOnLogin


See also AdminModules

Unknown action ""beta"" User Administration
Module for managing registered users.
Development: UserAdmin
Test: [admin-only] UserAdminTest

Unknown action ""beta"" Page Administration
Module for managing pages
Test: [admin-only] PageAdminTest
Development: PageAdminAction

Unknown action ""beta"" System
Displays information about the system Wikka is running on.
Development: WikkaMenulets
Test: SysInfo

Unknown action ""beta"" Advanced referrer handling
New, advanced referrers handling with searching and filtering as well as an accessible form and results table (and more secure as well).
Development: AdvancedReferrersHandler
Test: Append /referrers to any page. (Only registered users can view and filter lists, only admins can blacklist domains or remove them from the blacklist.)

Security and spam fighting

Unknown action ""beta"" Advanced referrer blacklisting
Adds searching and filtering functionality to referrers blacklisting.
Development: AdvancedReferrersHandler
Test: Append /referrers to any page. (Only registered users can view and filter lists, only admins can blacklist domains or remove them from the blacklist.)

Bad Behavior
Integrates the 3rd party BadBehavior package to prevents spambots from accessing your site by analyzing their actual HTTP requests and comparing them to profiles from known spambots.
Development: BadBehavior

Formatting and rendering

Unknown action ""beta"" Improved formatter
New formatter code with many improved and advanced features.
Development: ImprovedFormatter. (See also: AdvancedFormatter and GenerateUniqueId)

Smart typographic punctuation
Integrates the 3rd party SmartyPants engine to render typographically correct punctuation.
Development: SmartyPants

Automatically parses the page for known acronyms and renders them as styled <acronym> elements with titles.
Development: AcronymFormatter

Appends icons to links depending on the kind of method/link.
Development: LinkTails

Layout and stylesheets

Unknown action ""beta"" Skins
Allows users to select, create, edit and modify their own custom CSS stylesheet.
Development: MySkin, WikkaSkinSelector, WikkaSkinEditor
Test: TestSkin

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