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====Feedback from users====

<<If you are using Wikka and want to tell us your opinion about it, just add it here.
__Note:__ some of the opinions reported below are excerpts from external sites. Should you want to remove or modify them, such as for privacy reason, feel free to edit this page.<<::c::

~-[[ MensagemWeb's site]] --- [2006-01-01]
~//It's absolutely marvelous the work you have done to create this wiki software. Very easy to install, very easy to use, very easy to configure. Well, the only thing I miss is i18n support, but maybe it's there and I didn't have time to see it yet ;-). Thanks!//

~-[[ Tranquille]] --- [2005-12-29]
~//**FR** : Wikka est un outil remarquable pour le non informaticien que je suis. Il s'installe sans peine chez des hébergeurs tels que ou Je le fais tourner sur mon PowerBook en un clin d'oeil. La francisation de l'interface publique est très accessible. J'en ai trois usages : rédaction de livres à plusieurs mains, partage d'ordinogrammes de type freemind, constitution de bases de connaissances. Bravo, 1024 fois. **EN** : Sorry for english speakers, but french users have to discover this fantastic engine too!//

~-[[ GTD with Gmail]] --- [2005-07-24]
~//For awhile I was using the Wikka Wiki and my moleskine, which wasn’t a bad combo but as my projects and next actions started to build up, managing next actions and project pages in the Wiki became cumbersome.//

~-[[ What's the best Mac wiki?]] --- [2005-07-12]
~//Jay, who is [[ big into wiki projects]], is recommending [[ TWiki]] although he is currently using Wikka.//

~- //Absolutely love what you guys have done....//
~ (PeterPike)

~- //I initially chose this wiki engine over all the others purely because of the FreeMind support. I have not been disappointed by my choice. It has had a very positive reaction from our developers, many of whom have already created many pages (they are normally very reluctant about any form of communal tools - I installed a forum that has hardly been used at all!)//
~ (PeeJay)

~- //New Wikka user, since march 2005. Have been customizing it a bit, and like the performance and flexibility a lot! [...] Thanks for WikkaWiki, It's a great program and can run circles around MediaWiki anytime :)//
~ (LukaV)

~-//Kudos! Excellent software!
~I wanted to add some functionality to my WakkaWiki site, but found that they disappeared. Upgrading to Wikka gave me all the features that I wanted, and a bunch more.
~Good job all!//
~([[ Jeff]])

~-//Wikka is the best ever. Keep up the good work! ;)//---

~-//We were wondering for a long time where went.
~Now we found Jason Tourtelotte, who started Wikka. Wikka is what WakkaWiki should have been, he says. Good job!//
~([[ Bas]])

~-//Take a look at Wikka Wiki: . It's simple and fast. I had little trouble figuring out how to extend it. It is database backed, though.//---
~([[ Richard]])

~-//I think Wikka is the best Wiki out there.//---
~([[ Richard Berg]])

~-//Wacko has some features that Wikka doesn't. The thing I miss most (probably the only thing I miss) is a Dutch interface.
~But Wikka is still actively being developed, bugs are being fixed etc.
~The lack of that was the main reason for me to move from Wakka.
~The PHP-code of Wikka stays closer to the way the original Wakka code has been written and I find that (personal opinion) code easier to understand than the Wacko code//.
~([[ Pierre]])

~-//If i had to describe the purpose of my own wiki, i would tell you, that it is absolutely not necessary, maybe useless, but it is a great toy and I like to play with this piece of code.
~My first try with a Wiki was the WakkaWiki, the next logical step was to change to Wikka. And so i did.//
~([[ SorCerer]])

~-//Best ""WakkaWiki"" fork// ---
~([[ Matt Friebe]])

~-//Wikka ist ein weiterer ""WakkaWikiClon"", der noch recht ursprünglich ist. Benutze den für ein Projekt bei einem Kunden, die sind super begeistert. Wikka ist im Prinzip ein um ein paar nette Features aufgemotztes WakkaWiki.//---
~([[ Sascha Carlin]])

~-//I tried TWiki a couple of years ago and found it overkill for what I had in mind for a quick departmental knowledge base. I'm happy to find Wikka appears quite able to fill this need. The primary features for us had to be simplicity and flexibility. We're a small staff with a wide range of expertise (high to low), so I needed something people could dive right into without being encumbered by the engine or overwhelmed by the options. ---Wikka is about as straightforward as any wiki I've tried this month. ;-) ---I went from Mambo (not a wiki), to Wikka, to Media Wiki, revisited TWiki, to pmWiki, and back to Wikka. I considered docuwiki and Moin Moin. I liked their list of features, but in the end, I preferred the handling of ACLs in Wikka as well as the simple (clear) formatting rules. Again, I want my peers to hit the ground running with respect to contributing, not spending a lot of time perusing formatting rules.---Thanks again//
~([[JerryC Jerry]])

~-//Just like some other people, I too hit the brick wall trying to install PHPwiki. I hit another bigger and thicker wall trying to install MoinMoin. It was a total pain to install. Then I came acroos WikkaWiki. The installation was super easy! I didn't have to do anything. Just had to create a new mySQL database and that was it. I love WikkaWiki.
~WikkaWiki is also much faster than MediaWiki. I tried that for a little while, and found that it was too slow. Anyway, I like how there's so much development going into WikkaWiki.
~Thanks for the good work.//

~-//I stumbled on to Wikka after spending some time comparing different Wiki engines. I am using tikiwiki at work however I really liked the straight forward interface of Wikka, speed, msql backend, wikiedit support, and now, skins feature. What really hooked me was Freemind integration, though. (I hope) Wikis and [[Docs:MindMapping MindMaps]] will become a powerful combination. I really think Wikka Devs should exploit this feature (...). I think Wikka's niche is the "personal wiki" and the integration with other "personal" systems like WordPress for blogging could be used to create a nifty personal publishing kit. //

~-//WikkaWiki findet immer mehr treue Anhänger, was die [[WikkaSites Liste]] der Seiten, die schon WikkaWiki im Einsatz haben, beweißt. Auch die ausgedehnte Sprachunterstützung (bis jetzt sind es 22 Übersetzungen) unterstreicht die weltweite Begeisterung für WikkaWiki.//
~([[ Boardster]])

~-//Few days back I was writing an article about enterprise development and was thinking about getting it reviewed from senior people. I was composing an excel sheet, then I learnt about Wikki. I tried many engines but found this one great! Wikka is the best! Keep up the good work people.//
~([[ ASQUARE dot INFO]])

~-//For this Wiki site, I have installed WikkaWiki which I found to be fast, easy to use, and secure.//
~([[ BotMan]])

~-//I've run both [[ Apache Forrest]] and MediaWiki for documentation on my site, but Wikka has been by far the most pleasant. The software is aesthetically pleasing, it's lightweight, it's easy to set up and has exactly what I want. Well - I guess it's missing a few features, but they're working on them (at my request? by popular demand?). Their development crew is pleasant to speak with and responsive to ideas - but most importantly, they're passionate.//
~([[KoG Kog of]])

~-//I've installed and configured a number of wikis over the years, and WikkaWiki, by far, has been the easiest to work with in terms of installation, ease of use, documentation, security, and expandability. The sparse layout is very [[ WordPress]]-like: Simple, yet functional and approachable. Great work!//

~-//I would greatly prefer to see all string constants in one single file (or several files - separate from executable code, as say in phpBB) - to simplify localization and thus to make Wikka more widely and internationally used. Thanks.//
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