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=====Guidelines for prospective developers=====

>>**See also:**
~-[[CodeContributions | List of user-contributed extensions]]
~-[[ | Official development page]]
~-[[WikkaSVN | Getting the latest development version]]
>>WikkaWiki welcomes code modifications and extensions from new developers. This page contains all the necessary information for users willing to contribute code. Before [[Docs:PageNamingConvention | posting]] code additions/plugins to this server, we encourage you to read the following in order to familiarize with the internal workings of WikkaWiki:

== General ==
~1)[[WikkaResources | Wikka resources]] - some thoughts about Wikka, its resources, and how the Wikka architecture supports them;
~1)[[Docs:WikkaSystemFiles | Wikka code structure]] - the structure of the Wikka directory;

== Coding standards and conventions==
~1)[[CodingGuidelinesHowto | Wikka coding guidelines]];
~1)[[DocumentingCodeHowto | Code documentation tutorial]];
~1)[[PageNamingConvention | How to post code to this server]];

==Development code==
You can checkout the latest version of Wikka from the [[WikkaSVN | SVN repository]].

== Database ==
~1)[[WikkaLogicalDataModel | Wikka logical data model]] - an explanation of how the data "works" and a step on the way towards a better and expanded database;
~1)[[WikkaPhysicalDataModel | Wikka physical data model]] - a model of the physical structure of the database, to help understand how Wikka stores and retrieves its data;
~1)[[Docs:WikkaTableStructure | Wikka table structure]] - the structure of the MySQL-tables of Wikka;

== The Engine ==
~1)[[Docs:WikkaCore | The Wikka API]] - a list of the available functions that should be used in the development of new components;

== Wikka components==
~1)[[Docs:ActionInfo | Actions]]
~1)[[Docs:HandlerInfo | Handlers]]
~1)[[Docs:FormatterInfo | Formatters]]

==PHP general==
~1)Print this handy [[ | PHP Cheat Sheet]] and put it on your desk - it will save many trips to the online PHP documentation; more about it [[ | here]].

==External links==
Although this isn't about Wikka, [[ | LinuxChix: Tips on Contributing to Open Source]] contains good advice.

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