My name is Kees Wiebering. I work as a freelance organization consultant and conflict mediator. I am planning to use Wikka as engine for my website for several purposes: content management and an area where my clients can co-author and brainstorm the WikiWay. It can be found on: wiki.views-and-vision.org.


I hacked the Wikka Wakka Wiki engine in order to get it working as a multi-language wiki. My current site is in English, Dutch and German, with some links to switch languages. For now the default language is English. The Dutch and German pages are empty as yet.

The multilanguage menu system is based on WikkaMenus and can be found at: MultiLanguageMenus.

The system:
Installation requires:

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Comment by NilsLindenberg
2006-05-16 14:53:09
Hi Kees and welcome here! I am not sure about the multi-language part, but if ou want something like openformats.org, DarTar is the man you should talk too. And before doing that, you could add CategoryUsers to your page :)
Comment by WigAnt
2006-05-17 10:56:41
Thanks for the suggestion :)
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