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  1. Beta features listed on this page and currently installed on this server are not necessarily meant to be included in the core anytime soon.
  2. For a complete list of new features that are officially accepted for inclusion in the core, please refer to our tracker.
  3. Items on this list marked with svn icon have already been committed in our code repository.
  4. For a preview of the latest development version, you can grab and install a fresh unstable package.

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This server runs on a custom WikkaWiki engine with a number of experimental features.
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2005-01-05 17:52:17
I feel that we miss a process to include the betas in a future release, or maybe there is one I do not know?
- What are the criterias: general interest, maturity, stability, documentation...?
Actions and handlers should be easier to include than modification of the core files don't you think so?
I just had a look at InlineCommentFormatter (should be linked from here as well) and find it pretty useful - how could we get it in the soon-to-come
Comment by DarTar
2005-01-06 08:43:13
Christian, you're raising an important point. The features listed here as beta are not meant to automatically appear in next releases: they have just been uploaded so that users can test them and give their feedback. If they are stable enough, bug-free and interesting for the community of Wikka users they might become official candidates for a wikka release.
I agree that an explicit procedure for assessing if user-contributed features/extensions are ready to be officially released would be welcome.
I recently had a discussion with JavaWoman about what makes a 'good extension' and a potential candidate for a Wikka feature (basic conditions certainly include consistent use of the core functions, valid markup etc.). So I invite her to start a page with a WikkaHowTo for prospective contributors describing the standards that should be met by user-contributed code.
2005-03-19 08:44:16
Hello ppl, long time since i saw you :)

I was wondering what's the purpose of this page now that 1.1.6 has been released ..
Should it be moved/deleted/archived somewhere so that the latest features under consideration are mentioned ?
Comment by DarTar
2005-03-19 20:45:08
George, the features listed on this page are experimental and are not implemented in
2005-03-19 21:46:50
Hmz ... had too much for lunch .. <:l

sry bout that ..
Comment by DarTar
2005-07-04 08:47:49
I've fixed the login redirection issue: any logged in users except from freshly registered users were redirected. It was actually meant to be the other way round :). The redirection now occurs only once (on the first login). Sorry for the hassle.
2005-09-18 11:49:30
Is there any reason there is no beta release with these features included so ppl that want to try them don't have to be installing each and every one manually.


The development of wikka is not committed on sourceforge CVS anymore ?
It seems that all the files are about 11 months old.
Comment by DarTar
2005-09-18 14:39:58
Giorgos, you are right, the fact that beta features can only be "grabbed" and installed manually is not too friendly to our users. The CVS repository at SF.net has never been really used, partly because of its lack of support for changes in folder names. We have been considering, for this reason, migrating to a SVN server, but the discussion is still pending. So for the time being manually installing beta features and code contributions is the only available solution.
2005-09-21 00:34:45
DarTar, I would really be interested in getting my hands on a beta release to test it on my own server. Who should I talk to about doing a beta release every so often ?
Comment by RedNob
2006-07-26 01:42:57
These features are really awesome, I can't wait for some of these to hit a release so I could upgrade. I guess I could try them out myself.

Anyways, point is, I'm impressed by the kinds of things going on here. It looks to me like Wikka is not too far off from being awesome for anyone.

I know that I would like the user management and a way to edit the appearance (without tackling that giant CSS file) (as admin) out of these features. Admins uploading files would nice too.
Comment by BrianKoontz
2006-07-26 13:56:47
Christian's FilesHandler and ListFilesAction work well for uploading files:

Comment by JavaWoman
2006-07-27 03:31:50
>> These features are really awesome, I can't wait for some of these to hit a release so I could upgrade. I guess I could try them out myself.

One "little" problem here is that actually all of these features were added as "beta" to the site before we had decent source control. We're now working on getting the site's software integrated back into SVN - once that's done we can see about what we can release (if and when). But it's a rather big job, I'm afraid - working on it though. We'll get there, have patience. :)
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