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Comment by
2004-09-08 12:24:58
How do I decide which items show up on the top menu (HomePage :: Categories :: PageIndex :: RecentChanges :: RecentlyCommented :: Login/Register)?

I couldn't find the answer though I tried and tried.. :(
Comment by DarTar
2004-09-08 12:44:09
You should edit the value of "navigation_links" in: wakka.config.php,

for instance:

"navigation_links" => "HomePage :: [[SiteMap sitemap]] :: [[UserSettings login/register]]",
Comment by JamesMcl
2004-09-09 10:58:23
Can you include non-wiki pages ? e.g. PHP scripts or other web pages
Is there any documentation on how the actions work. Maybe someone has copies of the original Wakka documentation that they could place here.
Comment by PsiGnosis
2004-09-15 16:06:49
is there a way to delete a user account (as admin of course)? without having to edit db tables? (scary)
Comment by DarTar
2004-09-15 19:36:50
PsiGnosis, some ideas for a user management tool are discussed here:
The possibility to remove user accounts is one of the features I would like to see implemented in this tool. Perhaps someone has clues on how to do it... DreckFehler? ;-)
Comment by NilsLindenberg
2004-11-10 16:00:51
Anybody here who likes to makes screenshots for the documentation? Volunteers?
Comment by JavaWoman
2004-11-10 22:50:31
I like - but I don't have time ... to busy hacking right now!

(PHP OO + errorhandling + assertions all combined, and all of them new to me (in PHP, at least); and yes, this will also become part of WikkaMail. No worries, mate! :))
Comment by DarTar
2004-11-11 09:04:34
Nils, JW, you're doing a great job with the documentation pages!
Comment by DarTar
2004-12-07 20:57:23
Nils, I removed the link to CodeContributions. This page is meant to document features of official Wikka releases. Code contributed by users but not (or not yet) officially included in a Wikka release cannot - by definition - be part of the official documentation ;-)
Comment by JavaWoman
2004-12-24 20:49:02
Um, Dartar, I put the "see also" before
- The many uses of Wikka
- Sites powered by WikkaWiki
Because (I thought we agreed on that) they are NOT part of the documentation
Comment by DarTar
2004-12-24 23:58:27
OK, restored
Comment by HenryHo
2005-01-29 07:54:53
!!! Why are "Wikka Actions" and "Wikka Formatters" for developers EMPTY!?!?!???
Comment by NilsLindenberg
2005-01-29 16:17:39
Perhaps because nobody has written that part of the documentation? ;-)

I started working on the Actions description, but it will take some time.
Comment by
2005-12-07 07:56:56
One thing lacking from all the Help and Documentation files - at least I couldn't find it - a way to delete users without having to install any of the add-ons. I'm only learning this stuff now, and I don't want to screw anything up this early in the game.
Comment by DarTar
2005-12-07 08:30:14
A feature to delete or ban users is currently not available, a discussion on this topic can be found here:
Comment by GmBowen
2005-12-09 21:55:20
DarTar, I have 2 admin actions which I'm happy to post, but will do so only with your approval (given the discussions). The first allows the selective deletion of user names from the user table. The second action (which includes another mysql table) has two allows the admin to inactivate a users password (and then re-set it back to the original later if desired), the other function allows a username to be "reserved" (or if reserved, released).
Comment by DarTar
2005-12-14 12:22:41
Are they patches/code improvements for the previous modules or different actions? If they qualify as new actions, I'd open a new page for each of them. In both cases, any contribution is welcome, Mike :)
Comment by TromboneFreakus
2006-03-09 10:57:48
How do I remove my user?
Comment by NilsLindenberg
2006-03-09 11:08:39
TromboneFreakus, at the moment there is no possibility to delete users or for users to delete their account.
Comment by
2006-03-27 13:14:22
How do I cerate links to the same page? Let's say I have a long page with subtitles. I want to link to a particular subtitle... the HTML equivalent of <a href="wikipagename#subtitle3")See Subtitle 3</a>?

Thank you.
Comment by DarTar
2006-03-28 14:04:56
Currently the only way to do this is by using the (beta) anchor action: - we are working on providing support for fragment linking, but this requires some changes in the formatter - see
Comment by
2006-04-13 17:04:02
I too would verry much like to have an anchor option, as I am working on a mandriva faq. I like your wiki verry much (especially the security features with ACL).

Is there an ETA on when this issue is beeing adressed?

I tried the anchoraction, but after finally getting it to work I had multiple instances of menuentries in the header and footer (yes I don't know much about code).
And I didn't really understand how to get it to work. So an anchor button is verry welcome :)

(sorry for my bad english)
Comment by GustavNickolaevich
2006-11-30 04:36:06
I have successfully install Wikka on my web server.
but when i open HomePage (http://myurl/Wikka/HomePage)
it shows only this:
"Page was generated in 0.0116 seconds"

(sorry for my bad english)
Comment by BrianKoontz
2006-12-01 23:43:24

Try accessing your page like this:


If that works, there's something up with your rewrite rules/wikka.config.php settings. If not, check to make sure your file perms are set to be readable by the user under which your web server is running.
Comment by GustavNickolaevich
2006-12-03 20:32:14
http://myurl/Wikka/wikka.php?wakka=HomePage This way too does not work.

#chmod -R ugo+r Wikka/
All the same shows only this text: "Page was generated in X seconds"

(sorry for my bad english)
Comment by BrianKoontz
2006-12-03 21:49:17
Gustav, the only way I was able to duplicate this was by removing the "execute" permissions from the formatters, handlers, and actions directories. The "Page was generated..." text is created in wikka.php, which might be why that's the only thing you're seeing. Make sure execute perms are set for all of the directories. I probably wouldn't do a "chmod -R ugo+x" because that will pick up your regular files as well. I prefer to use "find":

find Wikka/ -type d -exec chmod ugo+x {} \;

BTW, your English is fine, no need to apologize :)
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