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Date formatting

Hi folks,

trying to figure out how to change the date format displayed in Page History and Revisions to something more functional than the "Romance Daylight Time" I get in my wikka installation. Could someone point me in the right direction please? Thanks for a really good wiki btw!


In handlers/page/revisions.php replace
$output .= "<td>&nbsp;<a href=\"".$this->Href("show","","time=").urlencode($page["time"])."\">".$page["time"]."</a></td>";

with something like
$output .= "<td>&nbsp;<a href=\"".$this->Href("show","","time=").urlencode($page["time"])."\">".date("l dS of F Y h:i:s A",strtotime($page["time"]))."</a></td>";

in handlers/page/history.php replace
$output .= "<strong>Edited on <a href=\"".$this->Href("", "", "time=".urlencode($pageA["time"]))."\">".$pageA["time"]."</a> by ".$EditedByUser."</strong> <span style=\"color:#888;font-size:smaller;\">".$note."</span><br />\n";

with something like
$output .= "<strong>Edited on <a href=\"".$this->Href("", "", "time=".urlencode($pageA["time"]))."\">".date("l dS of F Y h:i:s A",strtotime($pageA["time"]))."</a> by ".$EditedByUser."</strong> <span style=\"color:#888;font-size:smaller;\">".$note."</span><br />\n";

See php documentation for details on the date() function.
I think it would be nice to add a function for this to the wikka-class and call it everywhere, where times are printed out - would make such things a bit easier (especially if there would be a $DefaultTimeFormat in the config-array).

Standard date and time format
Although I'm all for using the ISO date/time format as we see in the timestamp of the footer of every page, I note that several other parts of Wikka use different date/time formats. I'd like to see an approach where this is standardized.
I realize that in principle it's possible to pick up formats from a locale but for a Wikka targeted at an international audience this may not be the best approach, and for a Wikka with a "local" audience it may not be either if it's hosted on a (public) server outside that country - hence the idea to define a format in the configuration.

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Comment by
2006-03-02 14:53:06
How do you change the time zone? It appears the default is PST
Comment by NilsLindenberg
2006-03-03 12:51:13
Thats a good question. I will have to look deeper into the code, but I fear it is based on the local time of the server the wikka is running on and therefore not very easy to change.
Comment by
2006-03-31 05:32:40
This is really weird.
I tried changing GetPageTime() in wikka.php to return date ('d.m.Y', $this->page["time"]);
but that shows the start of the Unix epoch. Are we really storing somekind of formatted string instead of a timestamp in the DB? Can't check right now myself....
Comment by NilsLindenberg
2006-03-31 09:27:14
The 'time' field is set to the type 'datetime' (like 2006-03-30 21:16:53).
Comment by DavePreston
2006-11-16 06:25:16
This may have been covered elsewhere, but I would really like to see a configurable 'time offset' available. My wiki is hosted in the US, but the site is aimed at a UK audience and a way to simply add 6 hours (or whatever) to any times would be most useful.
Comment by DarTar
2006-11-17 05:01:31
Hi Dave, this request is already in our tracker http://wush.net/trac/wikka/ticket/252 although not among our short-term priorities, unless some developer/contributor wants to work specifically on this. Thanks for bumping this page :)
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