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Some preliminary ideas for an improved UserSettings panel.
Feel free to add content/suggestions.

The issues I'd like to address in this page are the following:
  1. What options should be user-configurable?
  2. For each option, how should Wikka store it?
    • cookie parameter
    • session parameter
    • user_table field
    • other
      • User table field(s) or maybe a separate user table that stores only the settings that are not default. Decision would depend on efficiency; would require some analysis... --JavaWoman
  3. How should user options be arranged/grouped/displayed in the UserSettings page?

I also propose that we keep the login/logout interface separate from the user settings page.

Preliminary list of user-configurable options

UserSettings panel design

After you've added your suggestions in the list above, please edit accordingly the source of this sample HTML form

User Settings

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