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This category contains links to home pages of users. When creating such pages, be sure to include Category Users [without a space] at the bottom of each page, so that page shows here.

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AdminWatchList [AdminWatchList] AdrianB [AdrianB] AhA [AhA]
AlanBiocca [AlanBiocca] AndreasTengicki [AndreasTengicki] AndrewEddie [AndrewEddie]
AndrewLister [AndrewLister] AntoineThevenon [AntoineThevenon] AppallingInconsistency [AppallingInconsistency]
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CaleB [CaleB] CatIvan [CatIvan] CharlotteFischer [CharlotteFischer]
ChiWaWa [ChiWaWa] ChrisH [ChrisH] ChristopherHerbert [ChristopherHerbert]
CoreD [CoreD] CoriSchlegel [CoriSchlegel] CrossAndFlame [CrossAndFlame]
CryDust [CryDust] DaC [DaC] DarTar [DarTar]
DarTar2 [DarTar2] DaveBradshaw [DaveBradshaw] DavePreston [DavePreston]
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DennyShimkoski [DennyShimkoski] DevNet [DevNet] DewJoy [DewJoy]
DigitalNomad [DigitalNomad] DiN [DiN] DotMG [DotMG]
DreckFehler [DreckFehler] EgilHelland [EgilHelland] FabriceFrassaint [FabriceFrassaint]
FernandoBorcel [FernandoBorcel] FilippL [FilippL] FrankK [FrankK]
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GmBowen [GmBowen] GregorLindner [GregorLindner] HansEric [HansEric]
HartmutOldenbuerger [HartmutOldenbuerger] HvM [HvM] IamBack [IamBack]
IanHayhurst [Ian Hayhurst] IntElf [IntElf] IvanLanin [IvanLanin]
JackOfShadows [JackOfShadows] JanPiotrowski [JanPiotrowski] JasonHuebel [JasonHuebel]
JasRandal [JasRandal] JavaWoman [JavaWoman] JeffWhite [JeffWhite]
JeremyYip [JeremyYip] JeroenJansen [JeroenJansen] JerryC [JerryC]
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KonradTadesse [KonradTadesse] KyAnh [KyAnh] LadySerena [LadySerena]
LaurentBurgbacher [LaurentBurgbacher] LenRock [LenRock] LukaV [LukaV]
MarceloMetal [MarceloMetal] MarkHissinkMuller [MarkHissinkMuller] MarkWinter [MarkWinter]
MasinAlDujaili [Masin Al-Dujaili] MaxNomad [MaxNomad] McMurlock [McMurlock]
MeMeLab [MeMeLab] MichielWientjes [MichielWientjes] MikePalmer [MikePalmer]
MikeXstudios [MikeXstudios] MiKolar [MiKolar] MoKoshi [MoKoshi]
MovieLady [MovieLady] MyPages [MyPages] MyTreo [MyTreo]
NanoBit [NanoBit] NeoNeurone [NeoNeurone] NiallB [NiallB]
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NorbertGutscher [NorbertGutscher] OnegWR [OnegWR] OsdeInfo [OsdeInfo]
PedroMiramis [PedroMiramis] PeeJay [PeeJay] PeterPike [PeterPike]
PezHore [PezHore] PhilippAHartmann [PhilippAHartmann] Pierre79 [Pierre79]
PierreGorissen [PierreGorissen] PietroSperoni [PietroSperoni] PivWan [PivWan]
PolVazo [PolVazo] PsiGnosis [PsiGnosis] RaffaelePaparella [RaffaelePaparella]
RajkoAlbrecht [RajkoAlbrecht] RalfLehmann [RalfLehmann] RalphThesen [RalphThesen]
RedArmy [RedArmy] RedFoot [RedFoot] ReimerStegelmann [ReimerStegelmann]
RenatoSabbatini [RenatoSabbatini] RicardoPedroso [RicardoPedroso] RichArd [RichArd]
RichardBerg [RichardBerg] RobertLender [RobertLender] RobinW [RobinW]
RolandStens [RolandStens] RyeBread [RyeBread] SeanBonner [SeanBonner]
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TomSpilman [TomSpilman] TonyLinde [TonyLinde] TormodHaugen [TormodHaugen]
TromboneFreakus [TromboneFreakus] UnOr [UnOr] UserFolderol [UserFolderol]
ValdemirGsantos [ValdemirGsantos] VanSciver [VanSciver] WheelDog [WheelDog]
WigAnt [WigAnt] WillWoodhull [WillWoodhull] WillyPs [WillyPs]
WmLuke [WmLuke] WulfgaR [WulfgaR] WyRd [WyRd]
YanB [YanB] YodaHome [YodaHome] YonghoKim [YonghoKim]

User Map

There has been a lot of discussion on Wikka about internationalization and multi-language support, which begs the question:
Where are Wikka users located?
And perhaps: what is their native language ;) -- DarTar
And what other languages spoken/read/understood?' -- JavaWoman

Wikka Users Locations:

Old joke: Question: If a person who speaks three languages is called "trilingual," and a person who speaks two languages is called "bilingual," what do you call a person who only speaks one language?
Answer: American.
<please add your location ... >

It would be nice to create a user map. Check the following links for examples: Nice static usermap by continent - source not available
Yabb membermap Idem - it's a Perl module for the Yabb forum Flash map for phpnuke - source not available

last link doesn't show any map for me - anyone else have that problem? -- JW
Works fine for me on Mac OS X + Safari - have you installed a flash plugin? -- DarTar
Ah. No Flash (I don't do Flash, actively or passively) -- JW
Maybe you know of a good Java alternative ;) -- DarTar

Any suggestions on an easy way to create a user map?
Specifying latitude and longitude would be a start (so I did) -- JavaWoman
Uhm, I think there is a lot of software of this kind around, mostly Flash or Java - see these links
Next step: a usermap Wikka action! -- DarTar

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