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This category contains links to home pages of users. When creating such pages, be sure to include Category Users [without a space] at the bottom of each page, so that page shows here.

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User Map

There has been a lot of discussion on Wikka about internationalization and multi-language support, which begs the question:
Where are Wikka users located?
And perhaps: what is their native language ;) -- DarTar
And what other languages spoken/read/understood?' -- JavaWoman

Wikka Users Locations:

Old joke: Question: If a person who speaks three languages is called "trilingual," and a person who speaks two languages is called "bilingual," what do you call a person who only speaks one language?
Answer: American.
<please add your location ... >

It would be nice to create a user map. Check the following links for examples: Nice static usermap by continent - source not available
Yabb membermap Idem - it's a Perl module for the Yabb forum Flash map for phpnuke - source not available

last link doesn't show any map for me - anyone else have that problem? -- JW
Works fine for me on Mac OS X + Safari - have you installed a flash plugin? -- DarTar
Ah. No Flash (I don't do Flash, actively or passively) -- JW
Maybe you know of a good Java alternative ;) -- DarTar

Any suggestions on an easy way to create a user map?
Specifying latitude and longitude would be a start (so I did) -- JavaWoman
Uhm, I think there is a lot of software of this kind around, mostly Flash or Java - see these links
Next step: a usermap Wikka action! -- DarTar

Just stumbled onto an awesome mapping service - maybe we could somehow "borrow" from that?
I found it via a map thumbnail on a blog page, which linked to this map (just to show you an example) where you can "zoom" into continents as well. See links at the bottom to HitMaps and BuddySpace for how this is done.
(Needless to say, I immediately added this to my travel blog!)
-- JavaWoman

More pages about mapping that someone just pointed me to: FreeGIS and MapServer - note the mention of PHP on the last.

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