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Resolved bugs

XHTML not valid
Also in actions/usersettings.php: the state for "on" checkboxes is generated as 'checked'; to be valid XHTML such a boolean attribuet needs to be written as 'checked="checked"'.

Both bugs are now fixed, and will be in the next release. Thanks! - JsnX

I've discovered a weird sort of bug. When I attempt to create a page whose name contains the string CategoriesExplained, I get a 403 error on wikka.php (no re-writing enabled) when I attempt to preview or store this information. I was trying to create a page named WikiCategoriesExplained on my site (attempting to replace the irritatingly named WikiCategory). I've managed to replicate this bug on this site (click here then click Preview. -- Sam
It's not really a Wikka bug. Edit the .htaccess in your root Wikka directory. Remove the word sex from within the line that starts with 'SetEnvIfNoCase'. I've taken care of this for the next release. - JsnX

2) The WantedPages page uses the linking_to query-string. The character preceding this should be a "?" if URL re-writing is enabled, but a "&" if not. For example, if I use the default wikka.php?wikka=WantedPages?linking_to=TestMe, this will attempt to create a new page. This bug may be already addressed at Mod032bModRewrite, but frankly, I can't understand it.

$text = preg_replace("/\n[ ]{4}/", "\n\t", $text);

then program listings with levels indented four and more times will be rendered correctly again.

Yes! (You can try to disable mod_rewrite by commenting the corresponding LoadModule in httpd.conf)
More about Mod_rewrite : take a look at FaviconDotIco and RobotsDotTxt [DotMG]
<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
RewriteEngine off

Version Wikka Wakka Wiki 1.0.4:

bug in redesigned acl-handling?

am i wrong or does the $wakka->hasaccess routine (v. 1.1.3) only check the user-rights against the present page, regardless if the parameter $tag is set or not? i haven't had a closer look, but as i understood, the check against $this->acls[$privilege."_acl"] only returns the right value, if $tag == $this->tag and else should be passed over to the loadacl-function as wakka did. -- DreckFehler

formatters don't care about diff-tags

none of the formatters which are triggered by the %%double-percent tag%% observes the tags that are inserted by the diff-engine, although the main-formatter wakka.php delegates all rendering to these formatters. an example is shown here:

just search for "pound" or "++" on that page.

in most cases this issue can be solved by a simple str_replace. an exception is the php-highlighter. see the link below for a solution.

but fixing that problem rises another! i'm unhappy with the "++" tag used by the diff-engine to mark deletions. the double-plus is also the increment operator of php (and other languages) and can't be distiguished from the diff-tags. this problem is addressed in the following sample code too:

that page might be an example what this bugfix is good for, but it also shows up the limits. naturally the sample-code contains those diff-tags which it is dealing with. that obviously screws up the diff-engine again. so take care not only to paste-n-copy the code snippets from the link above ;)

Interwiki is broken

Interwiki links are broken if they are not CamelCased, like WikiPedia:Albert_Einstein will not work, but WikiPedia:CamelCase would. Wikipedia heavily relays on FreeLinks, which converts "Albert Einstein" to "Albert_Einsten". --DavidCollantes

Password change problem

If spaces are entered on passwords, it does not works and no feedback is given to users. I tried on the "Change Password" part, not on the new user registration. --DavidCollantes

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