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Resolved bugs and not-bugs

  • For open Bugs/Issues look at WikkaBugs.
  • If you want to propose a solution to a known issue, WikkaBugs is also the place.
This page is for two types of things:
  1. Issues that have been resolved - meaning that the solution is in current production code or soon-to-be-released code;
  2. Issues that have been raised but were classiefied as "not-a-bug"
These are to be found in two separate section on this page.

If you have encountered a problem and know of or want to propose a solution, do not post your solution here, but at WikkaBugs where it will be noted and reviewed by the Wikka developers and other Wikka users and may possibly improved or amended: an issue is not "resolved" until the solution has found its way into released or in to-be-released code!

Resolved bugs

Problem with handlers

I noted this problem with handlers. If you specify, for example


You can trick the include out of the /handlers/page directory. I'm not sure it can be a problem, but indeed it's weird.


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